Effective delivery of nucleotides into targeting cells is the major obstacle in the advancement of gene therapy. 20Med nanogel technology can provide solutions for effective delivery of (oligo)nucleotides in a wide range of therapeutics areas.

20Med Nanogels in ocular delivery
Of particular interest is the potential of 20Med nanogels in ocular delivery. The highly compartmentalized and immune-privileged nature of the eye offers unique advantages as a target for gene therapy. 20Med nanogels have all required intrinsic properties for successful gene delivery as treatment of retinal diseases. As a non-viral safe and efficient delivery system they could truly unlock the potential of gene augmentation and oligonucleotides as gene-modulating therapeutics.

In collaboration with the departments of Ophthalmology and Human Genetics of a leading Dutch university medical center 20Med Therapeutics is developing a growing pipeline of oligonucleotide-based nanogel therapeutics for the treatment rare hereditary retinal diseases.

In a second program in ocular delivery 20Med is exploring the options of using 20Med nanogel delivered oligonucleotides for the prolonged local production of therapeutic proteins in retinal cells with the ultimate goal to replace the frequent and ineffective injections of anti-VEGF therapeutics currently used in the treatment of retinal diseases such as wet AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy.

A number of other internal and external programs are ongoing to demonstrate the high potential of our nanogels for effective delivery of nucleotides (siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, and DNA) and the delivery of small molecule drugs (doxorubicin) into targeting cells.

  • 20Med Nanogels in intracellular delivery of messenger RNA
    Messenger RNA (mRNA) is the nucleic acid that carries the genic code for production of a specific protein in the cytosol. Delivery of messenger RNA (mRNA) is a very promising approach in gene therapy and vaccination. Efficient delivery of mRNAs into target cells is crucial for their value as therapeutic, and an efficient delivery system for clinical application is not available yet. 20Med Nanogels possess the intrinsic properties required for mRNA delivery, like efficient loading of mRNA, stability of the loaded nanogel formulation, and efficient release of mRNA into the cytosol. Therefore, 20Med Nanogels have an excellent position to fulfil a ground breaking role in mRNA delivery.

  • 20Med Nanogels in siRNA and microRNA delivery for cancer therapy
    It has already shown in previous descriptions that 20Med nanogels are very effective in the intracellular delivery of siRNA with high gene silencing activity. This preclinical program is continued with development of siRNA/20Med Nanogels for application in cancer therapy in collaboration with academia, microRNA/20Med Nanogels in collaboration with academic groups and a microRNA company.

  • 20Med Nanogels in DNA vaccination
    Transdermal DNA vaccination is a promising approach for effective and sustainable immunization. Also here, an efficient delivery system for DNA is essential for its success. In a current research program micro-needle administration of vaccine DNA encapsulated in 20Med Nanogels is investigated to immunize pigs against swine flu. 20Med collaborates in this program with two leading academic groups, and a cancer research institute, since this technology development is also of high interest for cancer immune therapy.

20Med’s nanogel technology is very flexible in providing a variety of functional groups in the nanogels that can serve as multiple noncovalent or covalent binding sites for drug molecules. This capability enables 20Med to partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to evaluate possible solutions regarding problems in pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and intracellular delivery of their nanomedicines within a relatively short period of time.